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Aksar 2 Review

 Aksar 2 movie review

Movie Reviews > Aksar 2
Producer Bhaumik Gondaliya 
Director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan 
Music Director Mithoon  
Cast Zareen Khan ... Sheena
Gautam Rode ...
Abhinav Shukla ...
Lillete Dubey ... Madame Khambatta
Sofia Hayat ...
Mohit Madan ...


The GOI usually runs a campaign where it warns/advises consumers to be careful about what they are purchasing and what to expect from a product supplying company and what are the basic rights of a consumer. Aksar2 is actually a movie which can be used by GOI to warn trusting,gullible ill-informed buyers of cinema tickets.

Aksar2 is neither a good thriller nor good porn. Directors probably hire Zareen Khan to give the audiences a good visual time but the good lady exposes only as much that you realise that youtube videos of vamps of 1970s has better skin show.

Aksar2 has a screenplay which suffers from the numaish jolly ride makers mentalitly, the jolly ride makers in small town numaish adds more curves and passes the ride with speed – that is the maximum he can do to thrill his user. Anant Mahadevan as a director has added one twist after other all in such quantity ,that you want to stand up and say –abey buss kar chal bata villain kaun hai ab ghar jaana hai

The screenplay also has the Rajkumar Kohli syndrome from the 1970s , if you have seen any Rajkumar Kohli movie from that decade you would find that 90% of the star cast is dead by the climax. Almost everybody in this one dies too. Only Kohli’s movies were more value for money and yes the babes in his movies were far hotter ,damn they even exposed more

Go watch Bhojpuri channels in midnight – they offer better stuff than the sizzle of Aksar2. You can try old mystery movies or read manohar kahaniyan on the net , the crime value in those stories is better than the crime thrill value in this one.

Hell yes if you wanted to ever know how a good looking female robot would kiss , watch the scenes of Zareen kissing in this movie on youtube whenever they emerge.

This is actually a zero star movie but the large hearts of Desimartini won’t allow less than half.  

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moive dowenload
  sohaib amjad ali
04/02/2018 06:02:37    


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