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Chand Ke Paar Chalo Review

 Chand Ke Paar Chalo movie review

Movie Reviews > Chand Ke Paar Chalo
Producer Babar Chopra 
Director Mustafa Engineer 
Music Director Vishnu Narayan  
Cast Preeti Jhangiani, Shakti Kapoor, Himani, Shivpuri, Alok Nath, Sanjay Narvekar, Razzak Khan, Kannu Gill, Tej Sapru, Raja Awasthi, Upasna Singh, Navin Bawa, Yusuf Hussain, Saahib, Sikander 


Once again, the tried and tested stuff forms the base of a film. The story of CHAAND KE PAAR CHALO is as old as the hills. From GUIDE to JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE to RAJA HINDUSTANI, the fascination for these stories has never ended.

CHAAND KE PAAR CHALO, directed by Mustafa Engineer, follows a similar path. Besides, theres nothing novel in its execution either.

CHAAND KE PAAR CHALO revolves around Chander [Saahib], a tourist photographer in Nainital, who stays with his parents [Alok Nath, Kanu Gill] and best friend, Johnny [Sanjay Narvekar]. While on his way to work one day, he hears a melodious voice. He is mesmerized by the beauty of Nirmala [Preeti Jhangiani], the stage dancer who has arrived with her uncle [Tej Sapru] and aunt [Himani Shivpuri]. He clicks her photos and later befriends her.

Chander always tells her of taking her across the moon and she in turn laughs at his tales. One day, Chander sells his studio and takes Nirmala across the moon and stars, to the city of dreams -- Mumbai. And from there her journey to stardom begins. She is renamed Garima.

Chander sells his camera and land in Nainital to raise funds. Deepak introduces Garima to a film director Arman Khan, who signs her in the lead role for his film. Now Garima has everything -- money, fame, name. Her secretary Kapoor [Shakti Kapoor] cannot stand Chander and finds ways to remove him from the path.

He succeeds finally and throws Chander out of Garimas house. Chanders friend advises him to return to Nainital. On returning, Chander learns of his fathers demise and also that his mother is staying with his friend Johnny. Johnny advises Chander to start life afresh and returns back his camera.

Chander returns to his old job -- tourist photography. He happens to see Garima where he had seen her first. Garima follows Chander and tries to talk to him. He asks him to return back. She finally wins Chander back.

CHAAND KE PAAR CHALO is one of those routine films that has nothing new to say. Everything is so predictable. It looks like a film straight out of the 1980s, when such stories worked. Direction [Mustafa Engineer] has its limitations. Music [Vishnu Narayan] is quite pleasant.

Saahib looks his part, but needs to polish his skills as an actor. Preeti Jhanginani is perfect, looking pretty and acting with conviction. Sanjay Narwekar, Alok Nath, Razzaq Khan and Shakti Kapoor are as usual.

On the whole, CHAAND KE PAAR CHALO will go unnoticed.  

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