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Himmatwala Review

 Himmatwala movie review

Movie Reviews > Himmatwala
Producer Vashu Bhagnani, Siddharth Roy Kapur 
Director Sajid Khan\n\n 
Music Director Sajid, Wajid\n\n  
Cast Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah Bhatia, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Zarina Wahab, Adhyayan Suman, Leena Jumani, Sonakshi Sinha 


HIMMATWALA was THE picture that gave an impulse to the fad of changing South Indian pictures in the 1980s. Post this picture, there was an ocean of changes, with Jeetendra, Sridevi, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor and Asrani offering in essentially each redo...

Its simple to change a fruitful picture, yet the authority that Sajid Khan carries on his shoulders can be evaluated in negligible statements. Right from the masala remainder to Ajay and Tamannah matching steps with Jeetendra and Sridevi, individually, every single part of the new variant will be examined with an amplifying glass. While an area of the industry [as well as moviegoers] opine that trendsetting motion pictures ought not be touched [read remade], there likewise exists a segment that feels that the present-day era might want to watch those pictures in new avtaars. The civil argument proceeds...

The relevant question is, does Sajid Khans HIMMATWALA reproduce the enchanting of K. Raghavendra Raos HIMMATWALA [1983], which itself was a revamp of a Telugu picture? At the exact start, gave me a chance to update you that the two HIMMATWALAs are practically comparable, yet unique. While the essential reason remains indistinguishable, other than holding two tremendously famous tracks, Sajid has adjusted certain divides of the picture, other than including a couple of scenes. Whats regular between the two renditions is the purpose to give amusement to its target group of onlookers --those who relish masala charges.

Right away we should talk of the new HIMMATWALA. Its all about excitement, diversion and amusement. Right from the styling to demise-resisting movement to searing discourse conveyed in heightened decibels, everything that you get to see in HIMMATWALA is reminiscent of the Bollywood of the 1980s. The mother-child dramatization, the brave person-fraud clash, the courage... indeed Ajays initial succession is straight out of 1980s. Be cautioned, HIMMATWALA is 1980s silver screen bundled in another wrapping, however regardless of the fact that you have a hunger for the masala motion pictures of yore or are prepared to do a time venture out to the irate junior man of 1980s, risks are you will feel suffocated by the on-screen goings-on that Sajid Khan relegates in the name of diversion.

HIMMATWALA portrays the story of a child [Ajay Devgn], who goes to the village to retaliate for the treachery dispensed to his father [Anil Dhawan], who had been wrongly blamed by the Sarpanch [Mahesh Manjrekar] for burglary.

HIMMATWALA takes you back to the recognizable terrain. Its the ordinary exceptional versus awful adventure stacked with each plausible part that makes masala pictures tick. Sajid guarantees that those who have viewed the prior HIMMATWALA --or those who haven viewed it --get paisa vasool excitement in those 2.30 hours, yet, lamentably, what unfolds on screen is so standard and dreary that you intensely trust for some variety in this acclimatization. One wouldn fret massy performers, yet there needs to be a catch to keep the viewers consideration captured. HIMMATWALA gives that just towards the end phases of the picture, when the mother [Zarina Wahab] gets to know of Ajays correct character.

Sajid makes an endeavor to pay reverence to the silver screen of yore, however what he conveys makes you sit unmoving for most parts. Depending on if a film cannot summon wolf shrieks or applause at the right spots, you acknowledge something is truly wrong. The grandest situation is Sajid does nothing, completely nothing out of the case or way-softening up the present situation to snatch your consideration, which is the reason HIMMATWALA fizzles as a picture. The sentiment needs fire, the dramatization is without force, even the movement is plain ordinary… Frankly, HIMMATWALA has nothing that warrants a rehash survey.

While Sajid holds two enormously mainstream tracks from the definitive [Naino Mein Sapna and Taki Taki], HIMMATWALA has yet an additional track that is lilting --Bum Pe Laat. Be that as it may, Thank God Its Friday, at the precise begin of the picture, is plain normal, notwithstanding the star presence of Sonakshi Sinha. Sajid-Farhads discourse have dependably been mass-accommodating and the lines in HIMMATWALA are a mob at times. The masses will adore the discourse conveyed by Paresh Rawal in particular. The movement successions are simply about acceptable. We have viewed better stuff in some dreamer passages as of late.

Ajay slips into the retro avatar easily. Ordinarily known for his extraordinary exhibitions, he plays to the exhibition well. He may be unbalanced in moves, however he determines he thunders like a lion when he goes up against the opponent. Tamannah faces an uphill errand of venturing into Sridevis shoes and however she looks photogenic, theres no acting talent on presentation here. Mahesh Manjrekar doesn bring out abhorrence that one might connect with his character. Paresh Rawal is the genuine scene stealer, who gets to convey the best lines. Zarina Wahab sparkles in the penultimate succession principally. Adhyayan Suman is wooden. Rajendra Gupta and Vindu Dara Singh have bit roles. Asrani is squandered. The character establishing the part of Ajays sister does well. Riteish Deshmukh shows up in a cameo.

Goodness, before I disregard, theres a tiger too, who appears to be the true himmatwala in the peak of the picture!

Overall, HIMMATWALA flops as a picture. The main silver covering is the presence of A-record stars and obviously, the buildup encompassing the picture, which may pull in footfalls in mass-accommodating circuits at first. Yet as a picture that guarantees huge excitement, HIMMATWALA is enormously baffling!  

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