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Kasak Review

 Kasak movie review

Movie Reviews > Kasak
Producer Rajeev Babbar 
Director Rajeev Babbar 
Music Director  
Cast Lucky Ali, Meera (Pakistan), Mehra/Anjali Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari, Puneet Issar, Vikas Anand, Mukesh Rawal, Anil Nagrath, Mukesh Ahuja, Rana Jung Bahadur, Amit Behl, Subhan Khan, Anjana Mumtaz, Nandini, Meghna Naidu, Tarun, Fazal, Tej Sapru 


Call it a mere coincidence, but two of the most talented musicians around who have made a mark in two recent biggie releases come neck to neck once again with two relatively small budget movies. We are talking about Shantanu Moitra and MM Kreem who came up with classy soundtracks of Parineeta and Paheli and are now ready with their score of ...Yahaan and Kasak. A Rajiv Babbar movie, who was one of the first directors to deliver hits with Mithun in his 90s avataar holds the direction baton after a sabbatical, Kasak stars Lucky Ali in the lead role once again after Sur. Meera, who made all the news with Nazar, surprisingly went extremely low profile with Kasak, which is now ready for release. Carrying a punch line of The Other Side Of A Relationship, Kasak has lyrics by Sameer. With Lucky Ali on the scene, one would have expected him to be doing all the singing but the album has everyone from MM Kreem to Jagjit Singh sharing the honors.

Jaana Hai Jaana Hai Chalte Hi Jaana Hai
Naa Koyi Apna Hai Na Koyi Thikana Hai

One falls in love with the soft voice of Lucky Ali that continues to enchant the same way as it has been for years. In case of Lucky Ali, one in fact feels good that he is so selective and comes up a far and few appearances. Because this is exactly the reason why ones respect for the singers voice increases manifold when he makes an appearance like this in Jaana Hai. A soft composition, it has MM Kreem in his elements once again while Sameer does a complete turnaround by coming with the lyrics that are so uncharacteristic of work before this. A complete song that makes a mark, it also gives a listener an opportunity to hear Jagjit Singh render the same song in the albums end. The composition itself is so good that Jagjit Singhs version turns out to be yet another winner. Ditto in the case of Madhushree who gets to sing the solo of the same track.

Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai makes a comeback with Sansein Madham Hai. With the same music composer - singer team, it manages to create a similar feel. Shreya Ghoshal continues to deliver top quality stuff with increasing consistency. Though it won be wrong to say that one gets the feeling of deja vu form the number as a whole. Pyaar, dard, dhoka are some of the terms to describe the theme of the number Todh Diya. A track about "Why did you do this to me in spite of all my love?", this number by MM Kreem (as a singer as well) is situational and just passes muster.

After Sansein Madham Hai, there is yet another number that is based on one of Kreems earlier hits. Yeh Zindagi has a clear-cut inspiration in Tu Mile Dil Khile. Everything from the melody to the rhythm to the rendition by Lucky Ali and Sunidhi Chauhan is straight out of the popular number from Criminal. Due to the beauty of the original track, even Yeh Zindagi sounds good, though it won pull in as many listeners as the former due to the heard-before-feeling.

Sound of seduction prevails in Bechainiyon Mein Lamha with MM Kreem coming behind the mike once again. A very short track, it is based on trademark Kreem musical style.

Lucky Alis third tack in the album, Chandni Hai Khoyi Khoyi is just about average in spite of some good singing by him and Anuradha Paudwal. The tune is just OK and has a strong South Indian rhythm with beats. One expected much more from Kreem with him being in such a great form but surprisingly barring a number or two, either the songs have been based on his earlier work or they are average (like this one).

Gayatri Iyers Main Na Janoo Kaisi Kasak Hai falls under the similar category and fails to sizzle inspite of a seductive theme. The music is nothing great and doesn make one acknowledge the song as a masterpiece. At the maximum, Meeras on-screen antics may take the number some distance but thats about it.

Jaana Hai Jaana Hai is the highlight of the album and hence it is repeated in three full-fledged versions. A couple of other songs are also good in spite of the fact that they are rehashed versions of some of Kreems earlier work, while 2 remaining numbers aren any great shakes. In nutshell, a soft album that has some merits (including the presence of Lucky Ali) to help it create a space for itself on the music shelves. But don expect Kasak to be a glowing masterpiece collection of MM Kreem - Lucky Ali combine.  

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