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Sanam Re Review

 Sanam Re movie review

Movie Reviews > Sanam Re
Producer Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Ajay Kapoor 
Director Divya Khosla Kumar 
Music Director Mithoon
Jeet Ganguly
Amaal Mallik  
Cast Pulkit Samrat
Yami Gautam
Urvashi Rautela
Rishi Kapoor


Divya Khosla Kumars SANAM RE is a sweet romantic love story smeared with a cathartic tear that is the perfect recipe for the romantic air around the Valentines Day. The fabulous music score, amazing locations and great picturization makes it a visual treat which doesnt let the slow pace affect the movie watching experience in any way.

Aakash (Pulkit Samrat) is an ambitious young man whos always rebuked by his boss. The circumstances take him back to his small home town amidst snowcapped hills. His dadaji (Rishi Kapoor), a photographer had been a strong influence on him during childhood but now hes old and Aakashs parents want to sell off the photo studio since theres no one to take care of it. The young confused man rediscovers the memories of his childhood love Shruti (Yami Gautam) whom he had dumped for a comfortable city life a few years ago. Circumstances make Aakash and Yami meet again the salubrious climate of Canada where they attend a Yoga Camp of a lady Yoga guru (Bharti Singh). The triangle is completed by gorgeous and sexy Mrs Pablo (Urvashi Rautela) who has to be won over by Aakash for professional reasons. The story moves forward and professional ambitions gradually get taken over by pure unadulterated love.

Divya Khosla Kumar has chosen some fantastic locations in Laddakh, Canada and Himachal Pradesh. It displays her heightened aesthetic appeal and a majestic sense for pristine romance. Sameer Aryas camerawork makes the stunning locations a veritable eye treat. The beautiful mountains, breathtaking lakes, virgin sea beaches, you shall see some of the best locations displayed in a movie in the recent times.

Chartbuster Music is the best highlight of SANAM RE. Each and every song is simply outstanding. And Divya has picturized the songs with a clean heart and humungous romance. Sanam Re, Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar, Ghazab Ka Hai Ye Din, Kya Tujhe Ab Dil Ye Bataaye, Tere Liye and Tum Bin are great tracks and add dollops of romance and passion during the Valentines season. Humne Pee Rakhi Hai is a rocking dance number which is made special by the crafty dance moves of the hot and happening Divya Khosla Kumar herself.

Pulkit Samrat excels in a role that required him to be subtle and emote when hes not expected to say anything. Hes in great shape and looks every bit the romantic icon on the lines of Salman Khan, Rajesh Khanna etc. Yami Gautam looks deliriously pretty and a perfect girl from the mountains. She surprises with her intensity and intensity. Urvashi Rautela is the surprise packet of the film. She looks beautiful, acts well and adds a solid oomph quotient to the film which is one of the highlight of the film. Rishi Kapoor always surprises with his laid back genius. Hes a delight as the old man who moves you immensely and leaves you with a smile.

Sanjeev Datta has written the story and screenplay while Husain Dalal and Sanjeev Datta have written the dialogues. The writing has an old world charm with brilliance of Urdu thrown in. Chandrasekhar Prajapatis editing is lackluster and the only weak point of the film. The pace could have been slightly quicker. Divya Khosla Kumar displays a lot of maturity in tackling a complex subject with a lot of heart. Shes a director to watch out for.

On the whole SANAM RE boasts of great visuals and chart buster music which has been the hallmark of T Series. Even though the pace of the movie acts as deterrent at places, its target audience and the right release week (Valentine period) will see it through at the box office. Go get soaked in love. Now.  

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Sanam Re
  Sanam Re
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