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Sooper Se Ooper Review

 Sooper Se Ooper movie review

Movie Reviews > Sooper Se Ooper
Director Shekhar Ghosh 
Music Director Bikram Ghosh, Sonu Nigam
Cast Vir Das, Kirti Kulhari
Yudishtir, Gulshan Grover
Deepak Dobriyal, Yashpal Sharma
Mahesh Balraj, Mohan Kapoor 


Keep going seen in the film Go Goa Gone, Vir Das left an impression of an on-screen character who has the possibility to end up in a good place, shockingly however it appears to be his decision of movies isn that extraordinary. Sooper Se Ooper, composed and administered by Shekhar Ghosh is the story of Ranvirs [vir Das] fortune that has gotten ugly. Constrained to offer his tribal land in Mumbai is his best way to survive. However jumps possess large amounts of the type of Kukreja [deepak Dobriyal] who has put all on stake to get the plot of area. While this dreary parcel means the world to both Ranvir and Kukreja, the way to the area is Ranvirs uncle Madho Singh Rathore [gulshan Grover], in Mandawa. This is the place the film gets its clear bend, for while the all so vital land stays in limbo, the team (Ranvir & Kukreja) fight it out to accomplish the rights through a Noc from Madho Singh.

The story accompanies Ranvirs excursion in chase for his granddad and carry him to Mumbai in order to discharge his case on the said property. Then again, Kukreja goes all, out with his two always bobbling flunkies, to arrive at Madho Singh first. It is on this journey that Ranvir finds adore in the gaon ki chori Gulabo a.k.a.

Regardless of having the makings on an ordinary Bollywood love story finish with the firearm totting frauds and the quintessential village beauty, the film actually has no high focuses. Separated from the way that the creator needed to keep tabs on the theme of an Indian superstition that making a will is an evidence that that your chance has come the viewer is hard pressed to see any true focus. In spite of the fact that taped in Rajasthan and dirty Mumbai, the story delineates the voyage of a city slicker to the village and the other way around.

While Vir Das at first benefits work of playing the monetarily troubled youth in inquiry of his uncle, some place down the line as the film advances, he loses engage in the film. From here on Virs execution is a standard level line. Gulshan Grover, known for his veritable Bad Man picture is horribly underutilized as the Oxford returned speaker Madho Singh Rathore. Then again, Yashpal Sharma plunges wholeheartedly into his character, impeccably encapsulating it. However Kirti Kulhari is essentially a waste, if utilized even as a beautiful sight. The two move arrangements emphasized on her utterly need choreography and turn out resembling a compelled groupings with foundation moves as time fillers.

At the closure of the day, Sooper Se Ooper that faces hardened rivalry without much fanfare with six movies discharging, positively has more than a tough errand of devise a workable plan to make it past the weekend. In spite of the fact that the film has an intriguing story line with more than acclaim commendable comic performers, the tragic under use of ability torment the film. In the event that that wasn sufficient, the last nail in the pine box is the way that regardless of being advertised as a drama the film just about never makes you giggle.  

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