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Teraa Surroor 2016 Review

 Teraa Surroor 2016 movie review

Movie Reviews > Teraa Surroor 2016
Producer Vipin Reshammiya
Sonia Kapoor 
Director Shawn Arranha 
Music Director Himesh Reshammiya  
Cast Himesh Reshammiya
Farah Karimi
Naseeruddin Shah
Shekhar Kapur
Monica Dogra
Kabir Bedi
Shernaz Patel


Tera Surroor is the portrait of an artist as a narcissist. Himesh Reshammiya loves Himesh Reshammiya and so we have to see him in every scene in various clothes that bring out the best in his personality-jackets, glares, ganjis, bare torso- that show off his tortoise like neck and his rather small shoulders, his hair puffed in a strange bouffant, and always always that same pained “aati nahi” expression. Like a true narcissist he is also in love with his voice so the whine hovers over the movie like a stuck car horn.

The story is immaterial. He has a girlfriend who gets framed for drugs and he tries to free her from a jail in Ireland. Helping him are Kabir Bedi, Naseerudin Shah, Shekhar Kapur and Monica Dogra. He is also a gangster who is not a gangster. The story is so convoluted that at regular intervals we need a scene where various people have to explain to us what has happened and why they did what they did. Not that you care but even then.

The heroine Farah Karimaee has nice shorts and a pained expression through the movie, Shernaz Patel ditto. I mean the expression, not the shorts. The villain with only one scene is the only animated person in the movie. Naseer does this for money obviously. Shekhar Kapur does a suave diplomat number and throws off some cool lines. Don’t ask me why he is there but even as an old man is nice to look at. The twinkle in his eye hasn’t aged thankfully and in a movie like this it is a but flimsy straw to clutch. The Irish cops are a total hoot and liven up their scenes no end.  

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Teraa Surroor 2016 Review

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